Product Support Plan

HL100 Hotspot Miner

At a glance:

  • Model name: HL100
  • Countries Serviced: Canada and USA

User installation guide:

Software Status:

  • OTA Status: Operational
  • Latest firmware revision number: 1.0.1-240202

Product support plan:

  • Mobile applications required for hotspot on-boarding: None – Use the Smart Harvest web app instead
  • Onboarding Server support plan: Using the Onboarding Server hosted by the Helium Foundation for the foreseeable future. Will re-evaluate once there’s more clarity regarding the Helium Foundation’s stance on Onboarding Servers
  • Lifetime of free OTA updates: Customers will receive free software OTA updates for (at least) three (3) years from the date of purchase. This OTA update lifetime only applies the original purchaser of the Product that was purchased from this Website, other Smart Harvest Instruments Inc official stores, or resellers expressly authorized by Smart Harvest Instruments Inc.

Units Allocated to Company Insiders:

Disclosure of the monthly number of units being allocated to employees, company insiders, and/or partners for the first 12 months of initial production

  • August 2023: 5 units

Last updated: Oct 25, 2023