Frequently Asked

Smart Harvest Instruments

Smart Harvest Instruments is a team of Canadian tech experts with backgrounds in telecommunications, consumer electronics, and IOT. Our mission is to lower the cost and complexity barriers in modern communications tech, empowering both people and businesses to accomplish their goals.

The HL100 is available for purchase as of August 2023!

The HL100 is designed and certified to be used in Canada and the United States only.

The HL100 is designed for indoor use. However, you’re free to experiment with third-party outdoor enclosures. Just keep in mind that water damage will void your warranty. Modifying the product – including opening the enclosure – will also void the warranty and may result in Helium black listing the unit.

It is generally not recommended to place multiple miners close to each other. The combined reward may still be higher, but that depends on how many other miners are nearby. There’s a lot that goes into calculating hotspot rewards, we recommend looking at Helium’s documentation on this subject.

Orders & Shipping

We currently ship anywhere in Canada and the USA.

Our average shipping time is 3 to 5 days. All our shipments are sent directly from Canada or the USA.

No, our shipments will come to you from either Canada or the USA to match the country of your shipping address.

Orders, Refunds, & Warranties

We will email you when your order status changes. When the order is shipped, you will receive a tracking link.

Please contact us to make changes to your order.

We offer full refunds for unopened miners within 30 days of original purchase. If your situation is different, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Each hotspot comes with a 12 month warranty. Any hotspot that is produced with a defect or damaged during shipping will be immediately replaced or refunded within the warranty timeframe. See our warranty policy for more details.