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About Us

At Smart Harvest, our mission is to lower the cost and complexity barriers in modern communications tech, empowering both people and businesses to accomplish their goals.

By Canadians, For Humankind

The networks that govern our communications have been controlled by a few big companies (you know who they are). But, with your help, that could change. We believe in the potential of the Helium network, and we’re bringing that potential to the Great White North. Today, it’s a light hotspot for IoT. Tomorrow, it could be 5G. Anything’s possible with the right people.

While you’re backing Helium for Canada, we’re backing you with our A-Team of specialists from telecommunications, consumer electronics, and IOT. Hardware design expertise? Check. Manufacturing know-how? Yep. Established supply chain and logistic partners? You got it.

And this is just the beginning. Join us in expanding a new, unrestricted network. Built by people like you, made for everyone.

At Our Core
We cut out the stuff that clogs up other tech providers so we can focus on what counts: providing Canadians with exceptional products.

Making things people actually want to use goes into every decision we make, from product testing to manufacturing.

We’ve been in this space a long time. The best experiences come from sharing our learnings, not keeping them a secret. 

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