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Miner Tech. Major Mindset.

Smart Harvest is a totally new experience, and it starts with our vision for you.

Built By IoT Nerds

Our team started by providing specialized IoT consulting services for hardware, software, and cloud development. Now, we’re building and selling our very own IoT products.

Ready At Lightspeed

With our experience, we’ve long established a well-oiled hardware manufacturing system that’s been tried and tested for the fastest, most flawless production on every run.

No E-Waste Here

When it comes to projects, our focus is only on what’s essential. We’re here to make things that are useful to humans and can stay that way—not short-lived products that end up in the e-waste dump.

For Truly Great Futures

We’re proud to be in the Great White North. That’s why our goal is to help Canadian companies and individuals leverage IoT technology and have their say in the global economy. Helium Hotspots is just the beginning.