What To Do After You’ve Onboarded Your Smart Harvest HL100 Helium Hotspot

Confirming Your Device is Onboarded

Ensuring your HL100 Hotspot has been onboarded and registered on the network.

You’ve successfully set up your Smart Harvest HL100—congratulations! After you’ve onboarded your Hotspot, follow the steps in this article to make sure you’re set up to start earning Helium IOT tokens.

Not sure if you’re set up and onboarded? Watch our Unboxing and Setup video.

  1. Check your Device is Onboarded

At the end of your onboarding process, you’ll see a confirmation box at the top of your Onboarding Web App, with the text Hotspot onboarded. This confirms you’ve successfully onboarded your HL100.

2. Look for the Hotspot in your Helium Wallet

Next, you’ll want to verify that your device has been added to your Helium Wallet. To do this, go to your Helium Wallet app and click on the Hotspots tab. If you see your new Hotspot listed, this means your device has been successfully registered.

3. Checking your device stats & status

To check the stats on your Hotspot(s), tap the Hotspots tab on your Helium Wallet app, and select the Hotspot you would like to see. Click Manage → View in Explorer, then choose your preferred Hotspot Explorer (we recommend using the Moken Explorer for a better interface).

The Hotspot Explorer will show you the Hotspot’s current status, previous earnings, latest activity, and other useful stats. It may take up to one day for your Hotspot’s latest earnings to appear on the Hotspot Explorer.

Troubleshooting your HL100 Hotspot

My device is offline on the Hotspot Explorer

If your device appears as offline on the Hotspot Explorer, please allow up to 2 days for its status to be updated on the Hotspot Explorer. If you are still experiencing issues after 2-3 days, please reach out to our customer support.

There’s another Hotspot with the same name

You may notice another Hotspot on your Hotspot Explorer with the same name (or Animal Name). This will not affect the performance of your device(s). 

Animal Names are labels for your personal convenience and can be duplicate, but each device carries its own unique address that cannot be confused with another. 

Learn more about Hotspot IDs

My Hotspot is disconnected

If your Hotspot does disconnect, try the following:

  • Restart your Hotspot

  • Make sure the Hotspot is connected to your home network

Checking your Hotspot status: LED indicators

To see if your Hotspot is working properly, simply check the four (4) LED indicator lights on the front of your HL100.

*As a security feature, the hotspot will be discoverable for onboarding for the first 5 minutes after it boots up. After that, the Onboarding Enabled LED will turn off. This will continue (LED on for the first 5 minutes after boot, then turning off) even after the Hotspot is onboarded.

The HL100 checks for software updates once a day and every time it boots. Software updates are installed automatically.

If your Hotspot is disconnected, try the following:

  • Restart your Hotspot
  • Make sure the Hotspot is connected to your home network
Hotspot Placement Tips

The position of your HL100 can significantly impact your earnings. To maximize your earnings, follow these suggestions:

  1. Place your Hotspot near a window.
  2. Keep the Hotspot away from metal meshes, which can interfere with signals.
  3. Hotspots placed in a more open area (i.e. empty space around the Hotspot) will help the miner perform better.
  4. Areas with higher numbers of active Hotspots will allow your HL100 more opportunities to participate in Proof-of-Coverage, boosting your potential earnings.

Check your estimated earnings with our HNT Earnings Calculator. 

HL100 Placement: Quick Guide
  • Place your device as close to a window as possible.
  • Raise the device from the floor if you can. Utilising a table or windowsill is ideal.
  • Keep your hotspot away from metal meshes
  • Place your device as high as possible
  • Do not hide your device! Make sure your Hotspot has plenty of skyview and space, and is placed at least 300 metres from other Hotspots.
  • Do not place Hotspots in closets or directly behind large furniture.
  • Do not place Hotspots near mesh window screens, especially metal ones.
Tracking & Cashing Your Earnings

You can track your current Helium IOT token earnings directly in your Helium Wallet app. When you’re ready to convert your earnings into USD or CAD, you can use various crypto exchanges to trade your tokens for fiat currency.

Mining rewards from Helium are automatically accrued for your Hotspot but not automatically deposited into your wallet. You can claim your mining rewards in the Helium Wallet app, and transfer them into your wallet. This will incur a small transaction fee in SOL (equivalent of <$0.01), so make sure your wallet is funded with SOL.

> To fund your wallet with SOL, buy SOL using USD or CAD on a centralized exchange (like Coinbase or Crypto.com) and transfer it to your Helium Wallet.

To see your accrued rewards, open the Helium Wallet app, go to the Hotspots tab and wait for it to refresh. To move the rewards into your wallet, tap Claim all Rewards.

How often you claim the rewards is completely up to you. Your allocated rewards will never expire.

Now you’re ready to start earning!

By following these steps, you can ensure your HL100 is not just set up correctly but also optimized for the best performance.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.