(VIDEO) HL 100 Step-by-Step Unboxing and Setup Guide

Discover the Power of Cryptocurrency Mining with the HL 100 Light Hotspot Miner

In the world of cryptocurrency, finding efficient and effective ways to mine has become a quest for many enthusiasts. Enter the HL 100 Light Hotspot Miner by Smart Harvest, a cutting-edge device designed to simplify the mining process while optimizing your earnings. In our latest video, we unbox and explore the many features of this innovative miner, offering a step-by-step guide to getting it up and running. Let’s dive into the highlights and functionalities of the HL 100 to understand why it’s making waves in the cryptocurrency community.

Unboxing the HL 100

The excitement begins as soon as you open the box! The HL 100 package includes the miner itself, a power adapter, a 3 DBi antenna, and a power cable. Notably, an ethernet cable isn’t included, so you’ll need to have one on hand to connect to the internet. The inclusion of a 3 DBi antenna aims to provide broad coverage over distance, optimizing the miner’s performance in most scenarios.

Additional items you’ll need (not included):

  • An Ethernet cable for connection (an ethernet cable is required to connect the HL100 to your router). 
  • A smartphone to help with onboarding your miner after equipment setup
Setting Up the HL 100

Setting up the HL 100 is straightforward, making it accessible even to those new to helium mining. You’ll need a few essentials not included in the box: an Ethernet cable and your smartphone. The device features a user-friendly design with a USB power port, an antenna connector, an Ethernet port, a reset button, and status LEDs.

After connecting the hotspot to your router and powering it up, the HL 100 will likely undergo an automatic software update. The ideal placement for the device is near a window or on an elevated surface to ensure optimal mining results. Keep it away from any metal mesh, such as a window screen. The setup process is rounded off by downloading the Helium Wallet app and using your smartphone to onboard the device, a process made easy through a QR code and mobile-only site navigation.


Why Choose the HL 100?

The HL 100 stands out for several reasons. Its energy efficiency and maintenance-free design are just the tip of the iceberg. With the included 3 DBi antenna, it’s crafted to maximize your mining profits. Moreover, this device is a proud example of Canadian innovation, designed with both functionality and user experience in mind.

Benefits of the HL100

Proudly Canadian:

Designed by Canadians, for the world.

Energy Efficient:

The HL100 consumes less power than an alarm clock.

Quick Setup Time:

From box to earning HNT in under 5 minutes. No syncing chunks of blockchain is necessary.It’s that easy and quick to set up.

Super Efficient HNT Mining:

Made to maximize your profits. 

Set and Forget:

The HL100 is maintenance-free and comes with an auto-update function. So, kick back and passively earn income. 

Ditch the SD:

We use internal flash storage, less prone to data corruption for better mining reliability. 

Included Long-Range Antenna:

We’ve added a long-range antenna in the box for better mining. Most others sell it separately, but with us, you have everything you need to start immediately.


The HL 100 Light Hotspot Miner by Smart Harvest is a game-changer for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and helium mining. Its ease of setup, efficiency, and thoughtful design make it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned miners. Watch our video to see the unboxing and setup process in action, and embark on your mining journey with confidence. Happy mining, and remember to keep your device online and optimally placed for maximum earnings!

FAQs about the HL100

Yes, there’s a one-year warranty. More information on your warranty can be found in the manual.

One of the main benefits of the HL100 is that there is zero maintenance involved. The HL100 auto updates its software. You don’t have to keep checking.

No. After you set it up, only you can use it. Helium mining uses strong encryption and your HNT wallet is also protected with a special 12-word phrase.

Keep it online always and make sure it has a stable internet connection. Choose the best antenna based on where you are and how many other hotspots are nearby. Remember, too many hotspots close together might reduce how much you earn.

When Helium did their big network upgrade in 2023, a new reward structure was introduced. Now, each network running on Helium is rewarded with protocol tokens that are specific to that network. For the IoT segment of the network, this means earning Helium IOT protocol tokens instead of HNT.

To onboard the HL100 you’ll need to use our Onboarding Web App at https://onboarding.smartharvest.ca/ alongside the Helium Wallet App. Check out our quickstart video for more details: https://youtu.be/Nd-bBgaEhuk

The HL100 cannot be onboarded with bluetooth and just the Helium Wallet App. You’ll need to use our Onboarding Web App at https://onboarding.smartharvest.ca/ alongside the Helium Wallet App.

As part of the Onboarding process you should expect to see a prompt similar to this after you pressContinue on the Set Hotspot Location page (example here).

If this doesn’t show up, you may need to enable Location Services for your smartphone’s web browser.

On iPhone and using Safari:

Please double check your location permissions by doing the following:

  • Settings App -> Privacy & Security -> Location Services -> Safari Websites
  • Change the “Allow location access” to “While Using the App”
  • Enable “Precise Location”

Example here.

If you saw a “Hotspot Onboarded!” message in the Smart Harvest Onboarding Web App, then your HL100 has been successfully onboarded.

The message will look something like this.

Check your network configuration on your modem or router. If there are any settings like “don’t allow communication between devices on the network”, disable that setting and try onboarding again.

If you’re using the Moken or Hotspotty Explorers to check on the hotspot, it might take a day or two for them to show the hotspot online. As far as we know, they don’t update in 100% real-time.

If it’s still showing as offline in 2 or 3 days, please get in touch with us.

What each LED means from left to right when viewed from the front:

  1. Power (on/off)
  2. LoRa Radio Enabled
  3. Ethernet Traffic
  4. Onboarding Enabled

No, the HL100 does not require any port forwarding to work properly.

The HL100 is a Helium IoT Network Light Hotspot. The previous generation Full Hotspots used to required port forwarding.