Smart Harvest Instruments is Helium Foundation Certified! 

Smart Harvest Instruments, a firm with a mission of lowering the cost and complexity of barriers in modern communications technology, is now Helium Foundation Certified, an honor that will continue to help Smart Harvest stand out as a leader in wireless technology and a firm dedicated to revolutionizing IoT mining with innovative products, like its HL100.

The Helium Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing secure, cost-effective wireless networks. Its membership program comprises companies and individuals who share the same goals and vision of a decentralized wireless ecosystem. Its certification program honors companies as pioneers in innovation, and the contributions and collaboration with the Helium Foundation and other members and certified firms all help to achieve and amplify this universal goal.

Now Helium Foundation Certified, Smart Harvest – and its suite of instruments designed to power digital transformation throughout North America – are a part of this greater goal.

Smart Harvest’s certification didn’t occur by accident. Smart Harvest products meet various specifications and qualifications to have earned the certification. This includes:

  • Compliance with LoRaWAN specifications, a network protocol that’s optimized for various battery-powered devices.
  • Overall support of the Helium ecosystem, which is built on Open Source technology and governed by the Helium Foundation.
  • Undergoing a rigorous hardware auditing process with the Helium foundation.
  • Maintaining a level of onboarding data credit in an escrow account to ensure no interruption in miner onboarding.

About the HL 100 Miner

The HL 100 Miner is Smart Harvest’s premiere product, designed to revolutionize IoT mining. Now an approved miner for the Helium network, the device is designed to keep power consumption low and productivity high. It features long-range radio coverage rather than costly and power-hungry GPU hardware, is easy to set up, and doesn’t require the use of an SD card to operate. A long-range antenna is also included.

Built by IoT experts and ready for immediate shipping, the HL 100 Miner allows users to join the world’s largest independent network.

For more information on the HL 100 Miner and to learn more about Smart Harvest’s newfound Helium Certified status,  check out our FAQ page or contact us today.

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